Writing "KISS"

It was simply I want to share my experience when I wrote my newest short story : KISS, which I posted at kemudian.com.

Place was one of the most major variable in my stories. Probably, because I am an architect. In most of my works, I used places that are really exist. A cafe, a road, an area, a boutique, a landmark etc. I just loved to detail settings in my works. It also happened in my newest short story : KISS

The very begining of KISS' writing process was my interest in Tate Modern, an international modern art gallery in London. I interested in this building because, Tate was converted by my favorite architect, Herzog and de Meuron from Swiss. This building won pritzker prize. In the begining, I wanted to write a story which was set in this building.

Then I thought about the title. I always start from title. I decided KISS, the very same title for upcoming L'Arc-en-Ciel's newest album. L'Arc-en-Ciel was my favorite japan musician.

The Idea was only : writing something about kiss inside Tate Modern and I imagined, a kiss on the front of particular picture or art which showed by Tate Modern. I browsed about Tate Modern with Wikipedia and Wikipedia mentioned some artists whose works were displayed in the gallery.

I took random artist. Claude Monet. Then I browsed about Claude Monet's works in Tate Modern and that time I entered Tate Modern' official page. Fortunately, the page was so wonderful, so detail. It contained a three dimensional plan, every exist room/gallery and what arts inside the room. It only needed to click Claude Monet name and voila! I got information about his work in Tate Modern and its place.

Anyway, Water Lilies was the only one Monet's works in Tate Modern. The work itself had great history and it gave me new idea about the conflict inside this story.

While writing KISS, I also browsed more information about Tate, Tate Modern building -its dimension, history, pictures, movie etc-, Monet, Picasso, and some maps of London.

The reason I detailed my writing this much because I wanted people felt the experience as far as possible. As if they were inside Tate Modern, seeing Monet.


  1. frankly windry, when I first read it, I thought you've been there at Tate before, and that's why you could describe the place perfectly.

    kalo kamu belum pernah kesana...
    well, that just means you're a great writer, doesn't it??

    eniwey, the kiss in front of the Water Lilies... that's sooo romantic... T_T pengeeennn...

  2. kiss in front of monet huks diriku juga mau... :p eniwei, thanks ya ghe. Waktu aku browsing yang detail mengenai sesuatu, aku senang karena jadi tambah tahu banyak hal... itu habbit sih.