(Craft) My Pretty Pink SMASH Folio

This is my new addiction.

I bought Pretty Pink SMASH folio by K&Company about a month a go and now I'm starting to fill it up with my junks: laces, ribbons, patterned papers, photos, stuffs like that. The smashing idea of SMASH reminds me of the old style scrapbooking: we put our to do list, movie ticket, picture of a dress, card, article from magazine, photo, etc inside a notepad.



  1. You are a very creative person. I want to have that creativity, hehehe.. Success for you ^_^b

    -denny de lioncourt-

    1. Thank you, Denny. Sukses untukmu juga :)

  2. Replies
    1. mau tanya..beli SMASH BOOK dimana? harganya berapa? di online store skitar 169 ribu.

    2. yang pretty pink ini aku belinya di http://www.facebook.com/angel.scrap
      harganya sekitar segitu, memang. ada teman yang bilang, Made With Love di Grand Indonesia jual SMASH folio juga :). harga nggak jauh beda.